Saturday, 24 January 2015

A Dandy T-shirt - changing the design

I was really excited with the amount of votes that I was getting for the t-shirt design so far, as I was getting more votes than I anticipated and comments which were full of positive feedback. I was however unsure about the image that I submitted for both the thumbnail and the t-shirt preview, as I was debating about the colour of the t-shirt and I didn't like the use of the white background. I felt that the white background wasn't attractive enough to the viewer. One of the comments that was posted for my t-shirt confirmed the colour of the t-shirt, so I decided to change the design.

Previous Design

I changed the design of the background and the closeup of the space dandy illustration for the environment that the t-shirt would be put against, which I think worked quite well. The gradient worked well as it attracted attention to the main detail of the design through the tonal change of the hue. I then changed the colour of the t-shirt to a grey colour which I think works better than the red as it is a colour that is more likely to be worn by the public. I found this conclusion through looking at the most popular t-shirt designs which mainly uses, black, grey and white.

The updated design

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