Friday, 16 January 2015

Emperor's New Groove

Emperors New Groove follows a spoilt young emperor as he sets his eyes on a small village to build a resort as a present to himself, meanwhile the emperors advisor is planning to take his thrown by making the emperor disappear for good. Her plan involved poisoning the emperors food however Kronk, the emperors advisors assistant, mixed the bottles and instead turned the emperor into a Llama. A villager from the village that the emperor plans to tear down, helps the emperor to turn back to human, with the condition that he leaves the village alone.

The narrative works really well for the family audience through the use of humour, appealing to both the parents and the children, and the simple plot that involves the characters. If the Emperors New Groove had a complex storyline, the audience would be restricted to an older target market, rather than a family based target market; the narrative has to be simple and clear for the younger audience to understand the story. I quite liked the addition of the monologue, where the animation is seemed to be put on pause and the main character in his llama form talks the audience at home. This touch makes it seem as if the characters are real to the younger viewer, making the story more believable to them.

The personalities of the characters are emphasised with the mood that each character portrays with the action in the narrative. For example, as the emperor likes the idea of being a llama, he skips and struts with a bounce in his hooves, and the next scene shows him miserable and crying as he his shoulders droop and his head is lowered, realising that he wants to be human again. Some of the characters can be identified through certain characteristics that they make as they perform different poses or dialogue. For example the character Kronk, after he says his dialogue, that the emperors adviser believes to be stupid, he grins smugly creating a humorous scene; the smile becoming iconic to that character.

The visuals of the animation obtain a stylised character design that is set with a mayan setting and works with the family audience through both the use of colour and the cartoon esk appeal to the figures.

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