Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Process so far, the doll spin

I started editing the doll spin further as there were a few jagged movements created from what seemed to be the key frames, however the inbetweens were the source of problem. The key frames I had placed on the timeline worked well after one another, with the inbetweens adding a jagged approach to the animation. I assumed that the possible cause of this movement could have been due to the rotation that I had made to the next frame, so I deleted the key frame before the jagged inbetween and made a new key frame in its place. However this made the problem worst. Instead of the animation seeming to be rough as the doll spun, the doll now rotated through the music box back to the position of the new key frame that I had made. The main problem being the inbetweens, the only solution that I could do to solve this was to set key frames over the inbetweens that were causing this problem. Although this took time to smooth out the animation, the end result worked well and I was able to create a faster spin motion as the box closed on the doll, as if the doll knew that the lid would close on her.

I then started on Mooms lip sync, which I found difficult due to the movement of the animation. As Moom was mainly shown from a profile view due to the camera angle, I had to ensure that the movement of the lip sync felt smooth and was easily related to the audio through the audiences perspective. I managed to achieve this by slightly moving Mooms head so that he was not on a straight profile perspective, more towards a slight 3/4 angle which helped the audience see the lip sync better.

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