Thursday, 8 January 2015

Character designs Alice

For Alices design, I wanted to make her character different to the rest of the Wonderland characters, I thought about giving her more detail with facial expressions rather than the simplistic ones that I had given the Mad Hatter. I started generating ideas by sketching out different facial styles that could possibly work with the Alice character. From this I then took 4 of these designs in which I felt could work and drew them next to the Mad Hatter design to see if the different illustrative style of Alice would look aesthetically pleasing next to the other characters.

I felt that the last design of Alice worked well with the Mad Hatter as the detail of the facial features did not clash too much with the style of the wonderland characters, as the Mad Hatters eyes are dots, I thought a more detailed eye of alices design could possible lack in aesthetic appeal, making it clash and not seem like it is in the same illustration, however it surprisingly worked well.

From the previous design sketches, I took this further and began to create a full body design of the character Alice. I thought about the dress and how the white part of the dress would interact with each other, by which I added a bow at the back of the design and made a vest like top to the white fabric to blend better with the blue material. I felt that the shoes needed to be simple, so I designed a black shoe with a slight open top as to show some detail in the footwear and work with the white fabric in her clothing. The position of bow needed to be set to a side, when it was situated in the centre, top of her head, it looked strange and didnt work with the rest of the costume design.

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