Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Alice in Wonderland - QR, AR and Passwords, Which one is more suitable?

I wanted the Alice in Wonderland cover to be interactive for the young audience to become more attracted to the book and for the book to be suitable for the 150th anniversary. I wanted the interactive side of the book to link to an animation, in which I would create a storyboard for to improve my practice. This interactive link needed to be easily accessible for the young audience through the technology that they would be able to access, for example mobile phones, laptop and tablets. My initial ideas included passwords, AR and QR codes, which I felt would work well with the technology that the young audience and the gift buyers have access to. I made a mind map for each of the themes, considering location, target market and capabilities.

AR codes, Augmented Reality, allow you to view a 3D moving image through the use of scanning a code through your phone or tablet. I felt that this code would have worked well through how interactive the book cover would be, for example being able to see the cover moving slightly as it stood out from the phone would be aesthetically pleasing for the young audience. However when researching into the AR codes further it became more apparent that the technology to be able to view the AR codes would not be as accessible to the young audience through the use of downloading apps to then be able to view the 3D imagery. The interactive side to the design needed to be simple and easy to view to appeal more to both of the audiences. I then researched into QR codes, Quick Response, is much like the AR codes in which you scan or take a picture of the design to see the interactive link. However QR codes opens the image or video directly through your browser which would make it easier to access the imagery compared to the AR codes, which require certain specifications and apps to ensure it works properly. I felt that the QR codes would be a fantastic way to view the image, in which the young audience could move their tablets above the image and then the video instantly play from the still image of the book cover. I believe this would be aesthetically pleasing for both the young audience and the gift buyers that are the main target audience for the brief. After obtaining feedback from peers on whether the use of AR codes would be suitable for the audience or using the QR codes would be easier to access for the target market, I noticed that the use of a password would possibly be the most suitable method in which the audience would be able to view the interactive design. The use of the password would involve the viewer to first find the password, go to the web address and then type in the password, which could actually be a could form of advertising. As the audience go onto the website their would be recommendations for other book titles similar to the Alice in Wonderland book that the age range would be interested in and the banner/logo of the publishers could be a link to their main website.

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