Thursday, 8 January 2015

Peer Review notes (Alice in Wonderland Brief)

For the Peer Review, I first wrote down five questions in which to gain primarily from the feedback I would be gaining from my development work so far:

What Feedback do I need?

1. How iconic does the book illustrations need to be?
2. Would QR, AR or a password fit the target audience?
3. Would a textured background work well with the digitally coloured characters and work with the audience I am aiming for?
4. Would it be too much to animate the 150th logo along with the rest of the animation, should it stay stationary?
5. Location of the logo and the password or codes?

1. The iconic items or appearance of the characters need to be kept, for example the blue and white dress and blonde hair of Alice, and a top hat for the Mad Hatter. - A shop in Newcastle that uses Alice in Wonderland themes for their window display, 3D pop out designs that move - take influence from other brands and other window displays. - Iconic and child like enough - as long as you include the main key aspect of the original design of the characters. With the designs you have done so far, you need to make alice in the same style as the rest of the characters as it will be too confusing for the audience that your brief is aimed at - understand the message I was trying to get across with the design but that would suit a much older audience.

2. Passwords definitely - the rest of the codes would be to complicated for the child audience - Interactive is good but dont make it too complicated - include a possible other narrative but don't make it difficult for the age range to find and understand the code. Technology such as the AR is given to children, such as the 3DS, however it would most likely be the adults that would use the QR codes or at least an older audience than the one which you are aiming for.

3. Textures could work but you would need to research and experiment when you take the illustrations to digital.

4. See how it looks animated, the 150th logo, if not just make it stationary, make it simple, animate only a certain part and maybe alice gets into the logo and then turns into the illustration.

5. Location should be in the image, scattered in the background or woven into the frame, if there is one. Needs to be easy to find for the child audience to be able to find.

Visual Moodboard 1

Redesigning Alice

Redesigning Alice

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