Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Examples of 3D in 2D animation

For weekly cartoon shows, and the high demand for episodes, the use of 3D models and animation has become more involved with in these animations. For example with in the cartoon series, Futurama, the model of the ship was changed from 2D animated to a 3D model with a 2D texture placed over the design. This use of 3D works through not only saving time and expenses with animating different perspectives of the ship but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Due to the use of the cartoon 2D texture, it works with the 2D characters that mainly interact with the show; It blends in with the general aesthetics of the animation. goes with the future scientific theme, goes with the stylisation of the animation. Even though the ship does not hold alot of animation with in the scenes as it travels space, apart from the movement of the engines, the animation is still smooth and runs well with the secondary animation with in the scene.


Another weekly cartoon show, Legend of Korra, began to incorporate the use of 3D to show the advancement in technology for war intent with the other nations that were set in the world of the animation. However the use of 3D was poorly merged with the 2D animation and pastel backgrounds that the animation was saturated in. For example there was no texture that was layered over the top of the model to try and make it absorb a 2D form, much like the 3D used in Futurama. This made the 3D animation stand out from the rest of the scene and makes the audience purely on the model which detracts the main narrative of the scene as the 2D characters fight against the machines. The animation for the characters are stunning, the smooth movement as the main characters use martial arts as a reference to use their elemental powers. Whereas the robot holds a jagged step by step formation of movements, which does work with the robot theme however it still needed some smooth arcs or turns and even heavier steps to feel the weight.

Legend of Korra

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