Sunday, 1 February 2015

Alice in Wonderland - Storyboard to present at Final Pitch

Taking influence from my thumbnail storyboards, I edited both of the storyboards by cutting parts of the narrative in which didn't suit the audience and the duration of the storyboard. I found that when I merged both of the storyboards together I had created a coherent narrative that would work well for the target market and involve the use of both the book cover and the logo. When editing the narrative I treated the plot to be much like a short ident, so that I could ensure that it incorporated the information and the focus that I wanted to get across to the audience, rather than adding detail that could detract myself from what I originally intended to create. I felt that this form of working helped to work out the basic narrative of the storyboard to ensure that the final outcome that would include more movement would work well with the main perspective.

For the Pitch Boards, I felt that I needed to include a storyboard that would show the main key points of the narrative, so that the peers would have a clear understanding in the final outcome that I wanted to create in order to inform my practice; As I wanted the main storyboard to include more detail with inbetweens of action, compared to just key frames, I needed to create a simple storyboard that would articulate my intentions. I made the storyboard digitally depicting only the lineart and the animation notes so that nothing would detract from the main focus of the storyboard. I wanted to show the movement of the character as well as the motion of the character which I portrayed with the use of the red lines and arrows. These red lines would help the viewer to visualise how the movement would look, the curve of the arrow signifying the wave in the fabric of her dress and the fall of her hair. I felt that the storyboard worked well in depicting how the storyboard would incorporate the front cover and ending on the logo in which Alice would merge into. I felt this link between the imagery enhanced the animation for the main target markets and promoted the 150th anniversary logo as specified in the original brief. 

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