Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Outcast Odyssey trading card competition

Outcast Odyssey is an online trading card game, revolving around a fantasy world with monsters, magic and warriors. The main target audience being from 12 year olds to collectors. I felt that this was quite a stretch with how big the target market was however this range is quite accurate taking into account of the amount of collectors that buy and play the online games, that be downloaded to your phone. Having the game as an app on the audiences phone makes it more likely for people to download the game, as your phone is always with you, making it convenient to play the game when going out or even staying at home.

The theme is fantasy based with wizards, monsters and warriors as the main basis of design for the competition. The competition asks you to submit one of these designs for a possible game card design that they would reuse on the mobile game. After reading the terms and conditions, the competition seemed to be both beneficial for the artist and the company, however I didn't want to enter this competition as I felt that it wouldn't help me locate my practice; I wanted to use this competition as a basis and take the competition further with the possible inclusion of backgrounds for the character to be situated in and parts of animation that would enhance the design further. I wanted to use this competition so that I can create more work for my portfolio and showreel. I quite liked the idea of being able to use any medium for the submission, such as photography or even animation. I felt that I could possibly take this further by designing more than one character for the brief, to refine my character design skills, with the possible introduction of creating cards for print.


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