Monday, 12 January 2015

Notes on Loop De Loop

For one of the five briefs that I needed to do for the Responsive module, I wanted to create a short animation for the Loop De Loop competition.

My initial and immediate thoughts were to create something that held a sense of animation much like Rebecca Mocks work, which holds detailed animation to illustrations, giving them life. I liked the use of the illustration with the subtle animation of the laptop and phone, which could be taken further with the steam emitting from the coffee cup, or even the pages of the sketchbook turning a page. I felt that I could adapt this into my animation style for the Loop De Loop challenge of the month and create something that relates to the theme of 'Faces'.  I researched into the other animations that the other contestants had submitted and each one took the word 'faces' in a literal sense with the human facial features that contour and warp into something else, or peel back to reveal something hidden inside/behind it. I started to think about how I could think outside of the box with the word 'Faces', what else it could possibly refer to. For example, clock faces, a side of a cube, a surface, masks, identity. I felt that I couldn't go too much outside the box as it may not seem relatable in the final outcome without looking at the development and process of the animation; I needed to keep in mind that the animation needed to be relevant to both the theme and noticeable to the audience that may possibly view the animation.

From the months theme 'Faces', I was inspired by the illustrator David Foldvari, who created a piece, called 'Mask' portraying the anonymous identities of people online and even stretching to people we see in real life, how do we know who they claim to be? An initial idea from the mind map point, 'Masks' was one in which a person takes off multiple masks that would then loop back to the original mask at the beginning of the animation however whilst researching other peoples submissions, a few contestants had absorbed an element of this in their work. If I was to develop this idea, I need to research more and make the animation more original from the rest of the work on the site.


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