Friday, 16 January 2015

Final Crit Feedback

For the Final Crit, I rendered the scenes and progress that I had done so far with the animation, so that the peers would be able to see the environment that Moom would be interacting with and any textures that I had added to the scenes.

The feedback was positive with good criticism on my progress, with the audio and some of the camera animations, so that I can improve my animation further.  The main criticism was the movement of Moom, he wasn't alive enough, movements were not as believable; through the lack of relaxed movement in the spins. To solve this problem, I need to add more key frames with in the inbetweens to add subtle movement, and look over my primary reference for influence. Using overlapping action through out the editing of the actions, will help to create the relaxed movements.

The movement of the camera was another criticism that was raised, the camera moved too much, which took the viewers attention away from what was happening. To solve this problem I need to cut out the panning of the camera and leave the changing of perspective with a clean cut. I believe this will work better with the piece through the amount of movement that happens in the scenes; will make it less confusing to watch for the audience.

Looking through my animation again, I believe that the duration was too long, too much happened with in the video. Cutting out one of the scenes such as the introduction of the green bear or the music box scene would aid how smoothly the animation would run, and focus more on the short narrative.

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