Saturday, 24 January 2015

Notes on webtoon

Webtoon is an online webcomic publisher that hires artists to create comics for their site. The latest competition involves a submission of a new comic, that is original and has not been published anywhere else, for the grand prize of $30,000 and a three year contract of the continuation of the comic you have submitted for their site only. I felt that this competition would be a fantastic way to not only improve my skill set and locate my practice, but for one of the individual briefs for the responsive module. I scanned through the terms and conditions and the work that you submit would solely belong to you, however after looking at peoples comments on the competition, I began to have second thoughts on actually entering the competition.

Webtoon competition

Webtoon Competition

The comments that I found explained that in the fine print which is really difficult to find on the website, reveal that you give permission for any work that you submit, whether you win the competition or not, can be redistributed accordingly on their website or others; With the terms of the three year contract being the wage of the money you have won. I found this quite sneaky of the terms and conditions, especially the fine print being so hard to locate on the website, to the extent that I can't find it. I felt unsure and not confident about entering the competition, so I will create work that will adhere to the competition specifications but help me locate my practice further, looking beyond what is actually required.

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