Saturday, 24 January 2015

Submitting Dandy Design 2

Using the same structure as the previous t-shirt design I submitted, I added the t-shirt design for voting on the site. I felt that the t-shirt preview image worked well, as the blue gradient worked with the close up detail of the design, with the yellow of the star making it stand out even more to the audience. I chose a black shirt for the design as I felt that this would work well with the design through how it would contrast with the bright hue of the yellow and match with the colour of Dandys hair.

So far I felt that the best t-shirt design in the Space Dandy series was the silhouette design rather than the one that included more detail. I believe this is because the silhouette design is more suited for a t-shirt design for the simplicity of the colours and structure. The second Dandy design is far more complex especially with the inclusion of the halftone shading. I found it quite interesting with what design was more popular with the public's vote, which has helped me with experimenting with different portrayals of my designs that will help me locate my practice. With the next design that I will submit to the Qwertee website, I need to take this information and feedback from the work that I have done so far as I consider the layout and structure of the illustration.

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