Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Editing my animation further - post production

Using the feedback from my peers at the final crit, I edited the camera scenes for the majority of the animation, which helped the video run smoothly. An example of this can be seen in the first part of the animation, with how I removed the camera action, and added movement to the last part of the scene with Moom turning his shoulders, as he lip syncs 'whats this'. I felt that the movement of him moving of screen and then popping back onto the side of the frame was too much and this subtle movement that I have added works better in this respect, showing the child like mannerisms that I wanted Moom to adopt for the animation sequence. I added subtle movement to the turn of his head whilst he speaks, which I believe shows Mooms being bashful before he turns into the energetic side of a child. I left the camera perspective at a straight point and close shot, as the original movement was confusing and the still camera helped the viewer to understand what was happening in the scene.

I then used the peer feedback to edit another scene in the animation, which involved Moom interacting with a music box. I mainly edited the camera angle as the key frames went through Moom which wasn't aesthetically pleasing to see, and the change of angle from the back of Moom to the profile to be able to see him interacting with the music box, was too harsh of a change for the movement to appear smooth to the audience. I found that leaving the camera perspective on a profile point of view on the scene worked well as again it was clearer to understand the movement and narrative that was occurring in the animation.

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