Saturday, 24 January 2015

Dandy Design 2 - Progress so far

From peer feedback, I noted that I needed to add legs to the design as the arms stood out against the star, it seemed strange that the legs did not. I agreed with the feedback as critically looking at the work that I had done so far, I found that the legs did need to be included in the design. Adding the legs to the design was quite difficult as I was not sure where the position of the legs would be. I first tried quickly sketching the legs to see if the position that I initially thought for the placement of the legs would work. I felt that so far the legs matched the pose, so I continued to ink and complete the design. After I had completed the design, I felt that the legs were still lacking something as they still looked not quite right compared to the rest of the composition. I decided to add shading to the legs to see if this made any difference to the illustration. As I could not add any other colour to the design, I used halftone shading to show the illusion of shadow, which worked well with the star background and the style of the lineart.

After adding the halftone shading, I found that it gave depth to the image which showed the perspective of the leg well, however through peer feedback, I realised that the legs were too long for the main body of the piece. I transformed the legs to shorten them to the right length, but as I was editing the lineart, I noted that the perspective of the legs did not work well with the pose that the main body was like. The right leg needed to be changed to make it seem dynamic like the rest of the lineart. I decided to set the right leg behind the thigh, to see if this perspective would work with the rest of the composition. I felt that the outcome did not work with the left leg due to the position, it needed to compliment the stance that the rest of the body was formatted in.

I then attempted another position in which the right leg could be drawn, and found that the perspective worked quite well. After adding the main lineart, I added halftone shading to the leg to emphasise the perspective that it was in, which was successful as it showed the depth of the piece well, working with the left arm that is also in the background of the piece. As I had added the halftone shade to the leg, I applied more of the shadow to the rest of the composition, including the surface of the star which Dandy was place upon. I felt that the final outcome worked successfully through the inclusion of the halftone shading and the hues, which gave a background, middleground and foreground to the piece.

Final design

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