Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Final outcome

For my final outcome, I made a few changes to the animation sequences, as some of the movement appeared jagged. For example in the first scene where Moom talks to the camera, the head movement jumped to the next turn of his head, which made the animation feel jarred. I solved this by removing the key frame that made his head move up, making a smooth transition to his head moving to the right.

Overall I feel that my animation was successful through both the narrative and the movement. The narrative worked with a young audience through the presentation and phrasing of the dialogue and the props in which Moom interacted with. I felt that the audio was the most successful part of the narrative as it sounded like a young child which the target audience can relate with.

I felt that the animation was successful through the use of the exaggeration that I added to the key poses, which helped with the humour that was incorporated into the narrative. I felt that the majority of the movements were smooth and were positioned well with the sound effects included in the scenes. For future projects I know that I need to concentrate and consider the secondary motion alongside with the overlapping action, to make the act seem more believable.

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