Saturday, 24 January 2015

Kingdom Hearts designs 1

I began to design another composition that could suit the Qwertee t-shirt designs that have been quite popular with the public. In particular I decided to design a Kingdom Hearts illustration, as to see if it would become popular with the public. I researched into Kingdom Hears on both game, manga and t-shirt designs. The t-shirt designs were mainly silhouette or a few of just the main character, 'Sora'. The silhouette involve poses much like the game covers or have the rest of the characters from the series alongside the main focus of the composition.

I began the design process by drawing the facial expressions of the main character from the Kingdom Hearts series, Sora. Drawing the expressions helped me to not only generate ideas for the final composition but to gather an understanding of the characters designs so that I could portray the characters personality to the audience.

I then began drawing the main character in different poses and costume design, as to further improve my drawing ability of the character. As the Kingdom Hearts series focuses on battles, I wanted to capture a fighting pose as well as capture his personality through his body language. I did however find this difficult to generate ideas for the battle esk stances as I kept focusing on depicting his personality through more relaxed poses rather than the poses that I intentionally set out to draw.  I did however quite liked the relaxed sat down pose in the first designs that I drew, as I liked the perspective that it was formatted in. However I felt that I could improve the design by changing the facial expressions and include his left arm with in the composition more.

I also liked the design of the portrait stance on one of the last pages of initial designs that I drew. I felt that it captured a fighting like stance, absorbing a sense of caution before a fight. I was able to generate ideas that could involve this design, for example adding the keyblade, the main weapon, as a background, or as his shadow etc.

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