Thursday, 8 January 2015

Dandy design 2

For the second design of Space Dandy for the Qwertee t-shirt competition, I used one of the initial sketches of a pose in which I made the main character jump in a dynamic position. I quite liked the kinetic motion that was captured in the pose and I wanted to take this further into a digital design using mainly photoshop to create the design. I wanted the design to be with in a star, which relates to the design on Dandy's top and with the main environment being in space; in which I made the main outline fit within the shape, with a few parts of the design standing out from the star outline to add depth to the design, make it feel less flat. With the colour of the design I could only use at a maximum of 5 hues in which I used the main colours of the characters design from the character sheets of the show. I found it difficult adding colour to the gun due to the gun being different colours to the design of the main character; to solve this problem I experimented with situating the colours next to each other on the gun, to make it stand out from the rest of the composition, rather than blending in with the rest of the colours that Dandys character was formatted with.

After colouring the design, I debated about the design of his legs, I felt that the design could work with out the lower part of his legs, however I felt adding this part would possibly work better especially with the hand and gun standing out of the star. In addition I could possibly add the illusion of shading by adding halftone to the image, giving more depth to the image.

Using the pen tool to alter the design

Process so far

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