Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Post production - Cutting scenes

I heavily edited the animation compared to the final crit animation I presented to my peers, the main edit being the removal of a scene. I felt that the main problem with the animation that I presented at the final crit was that the duration of the video, as it was too long and too much narrative happened for the length of the animation. After being extremely critical to my own animation, I decided to remove the scene that involved Moom spinning onto the screen and then encountering the green bear, before moving onto the music box scene. I felt that the narrative was confusing with this scene included with in the animation through how Moom goes to the green bear, then to the music box and then back to the green bear, which I intended the effect to be that he preferred the green bear more than the music box. However I didn't feel that the audience understood that narrative as well, therefore I cut the scene out and let the animation continue straight onto the music box scene, which worked well through both narrative and aesthetic visuals.

Even through I won't be using this scene with in my animation, I felt that this scene helped me to develop my animation skills to further improve the scenes that I had kept with in the edited version. For example with this scene, I discovered that I could move Moom across the plane by selecting the controllers group in the outliner window. However at times a problem with the controllers would happen, which involved the body parts being left behind as I moved Moom. I found that pressing undo and re selecting the controllers solved this problem. I also discovered little helpful tricks with the lighting of the scene, by pressing the key 't' whilst selecting the light, it creates a pivot in which the light would move around, this helped me to create lighting that emphasised the shadows cast by the light, and create a form of ground in which Moom is standing upon, rather than seeming that he is floating in the scene due to the white of the environment.

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