Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Making titles and credits for my animation

I wanted to add a title and credits to the animation so that the final composition felt completed alongside with the added sound effects and audio. I wanted the titles to also be situated in a white environment to go alongside with the animation, to have a running theme. I felt that the text that would be included with the title and credits, not only needed to be the same font, but needed to hold a vintage or handwritten quality to the aesthetics. The handwritten quality would work well with the child like characteristics to both the narrative and the actions of Moom, whereas the vintage appeal would work well in a more professional aesthetic and work with pre production sketches. I decided to run with the vintage font, being a typewriter esk style, which I felt worked with the imagery that I added into the composition. I then created a few different designs of both imagery and layout for the title and credit images, which I managed to narrow down to two designs for each.

Credits 1

Credits 2
 For the credits, I narrowed down the designs to one which included Moom and Mother Moom set in a digital illustration format, and the other being a scan of an initial sketch in which I added desaturated colour through the use of the software Photoshop. I quite liked the appeal for the Moom design as it worked with the use of the characters being in the animation, however I liked the sketchy appeal to the second credits image with the green bear toy, so I asked my peers for feedback for the design. The feedback was very positive, with the green bear sketch being more favourable with it working with the style of the text and the image doesn't stand out as much as the other design.

Title 1

Title 2
For the title I created two designs much like the credits, one being digitally created and the other being a sketch that I had scanned in, drawn with fineliners and marker pens to create that vivid appeal to match the style of the narrative. I asked for feedback from my peers, and the feedback was aimed at the digitally designed composition, through how it would match with the green bear toy with in the credits design. The text was simpler than the other design as 'Mooms adventure' doesn't work as well, due to the audience who are not familiar with the name of the rig would possibly be confused as to who or even what the word Moom is/means.

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