Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Sugimoto Kousuke

I recently discovered these animated music videos produced by youtuber Sugimoto Kousuke. Below are two examples of his animations which in my opinion are beautiful in both illustrative style and thought behind composition of the animation.

The first video tells of different scenarios which all lead into another via television and continue to loop until everything is literally destroyed. 
The story starts off with two people working in a video station, with different programs on each screen. The animation then shows us each program running into each other via tv or mobile screen until one of the working people at the video station falls asleep and crashes into the control desk which malfunctions along with the pace of the animation. The programs begin merging into one another, the main character being a burglar running away from the police.
I love the aspect of the different animation styles merging into another through the characters looping as the animation begins to increase in speed. I loved the transition of the sketchy detailed graphite animation to a cleaner and minimalistic animation of a news room.
With the fast paced animation, I found that music helped to emphasise certain parts of the video, such as the chef hitting the tv to get it working again, and the funny aspects of the video such as the wig from one of the characters which travels through the animation.
In my opinion I believe that the animation shows us how everything ends up connecting or crossing over at some point in reality or even questioning what is reality. It can also be interpreted, that each program is someones reality and someones tv show.


In this second video, the story is about one character throughout one day of his life, but the animation shows us what would happen if he changed the slightest thing, for example in the video, he misses the bus whereas if he had caught the bus, he would have been abducted by aliens.
I find this video quite funny and love how the illustrative style to the animation adopts a textured format and also uses some of the characters from the previous video.
In my opinion the idea behind the video, through showing different outcomes of the same day, works well as it makes the viewer interested and wanting to know what will happen next. I felt that the animation worked well through how the main plot was made clear through the change of colour per different outlook of the characters day.

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