Monday, 21 October 2013

Pixilation Storyboards

I edited the story boards from the previous post sketches and initial ideas of the Predator/Prey theme, by changing the plot and characters slightly.
I decided to only have two characters, as to not make the story seem complicated, and only show the giants hand within the video. I could still use perspective with in my video by having one person stand near the camera, to give the suggestion that the hand is bigger than the character in the background.

Part 1 - introduction of characters and action

Part 2 - continued action and ending

This edited idea has more of a story to it compared to the previous initial idea as the ending of this storyboard shows the character beating up the hand and walking off the frame, happy with a spring in her step. I feel this could also work better as it shows the struggle between the predator and prey, rather than the initial plan of just having a giant eat a human, which is continued by bigger giants eating the smaller ones.

I didn't include lots of different variations of camera angles as for this video it would be easier to include the distance of the frame, a long shot, as to differentiate between the hand and the character easily to the audience.

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