Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Flippin 'Eck study task - experimenting with photoshop

 photo skull-smaash.gif
 photo skull-smaaaash-2.gif

For these animations, I used the flipbook process as a rough outline and added colour via photoshop, using the animation panel to make the images move. 

I found using the Frame mode instead of the Time-frame mode of the animation panel was easier to use as it allowed me to show a layer per frame easily. Through using the Frame mode, I was able to easily add colour and edit the frames by hiding layers or erasing parts of the image.
For the above animation I used 12 frames as to make the drop of the skull faster, however I know that to make a good animation I would need to use 24 frames as to stop the eye from noticing flickering between the images.

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