Tuesday, 29 October 2013


- Summary of plot -
A dark tale, which portrays a young boy lost in the woods, cold, tired and hungry, the boy collapses and is greeted by a wolf. The wolf gives him a chance to life, by killing the wolf, wear its fur and eat it's flesh to survive, in return he must look after the wolf's young. The boy accepts and devours the wolf.
It cuts to the boy's parents looking for him, however when they come across their son, all they see is a wolf and the mother shoots the boy dead.
- End -

Carn - Jeff Le Bars from Jeff Le Bars on Vimeo.

I adore this animation, the composition of the 3-D and pose to pose animation fits beautifully within this stylised illustrations which create a tense and chilling atmosphere.
The use of making the character become silhouetted as to emphasise the blood works well as it drags the focus of the audience in and captivates them, making you feel shocked that a scared little boy has turned into this other creature that wears the skin of the young wolf cubs mother.
The music that accompanies the boy as he finally meets his parents again gives a sense of forboding as the realisation of the parents not knowing that it is their son and not the wolf, gives a cringeworthy effect as you wait for the gun to be fired. I found it especially shocking that the mother did not hesitate, grabbed the gun and shot her gun. (Then again they did think they could see a wolf.)
I feel that this animation has a moral behind it, something among the lines of, 'Whos the real monster?' or 'you are what you eat' in the sense of the boy eating the wolf.

Jeff Le Bars Sketch for short

Jeff Le Bars - Carn design

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