Saturday, 12 October 2013

"Stay In My Memory" music animation by Katy Davis

Katy Davis creates her animation through merging a normal 2-D animation with amazing backgrounds of a pop up book. The animation itself ran smoothly and jagged in places, however the jaggedness of the movement of the book and the backgrounds made the video tactile and visually pleasing, as the rich colour scheme contrasted well with the main character animation.

With in the short animation, I particularly liked the outdoor background which contained a sepia and desaturated colour scheme with a few hints of vivid colour from the autumn tinted leaves of the trees. I felt this short scene worked well as it contained a vignette within the background and created a small form of a spot light which highlighted the character through the difference of animation used.

The animation was originally made for a music band 'Bim' and flows well with the lyrics through the character's journey of trying to find her loved one and cling onto the memory of him.
Katy Davis has also created animations for companies such as Samsung and E4, her work can be found on her website

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