Monday, 28 October 2013

Pixilation Video - Prey/Predator

Here is my Pixilation video which I created from my previous storyboard and initial ideas. To create this video I used the Photography studio and equipment to easily shoot the amount of photographs I needed for my pixilation animation.

To create a Pixilation animation, I needed to take two photographs of the movement per second of the video.  For example, in my video there is a walk cycle in which I had to take two images per movement of the walk, (I would say I took possibly 30 photographs for the first few seconds of the video, for the walk).

I wanted a plain white background for my video as to show the distance and perspective of the plot easier. The animation portrayed this well, however, I could not get both the hand and the person both in focus, due to the distance of both objects within the image, so the focus changed between characters quite frequently in the animation.

- In order to create this video I used wireless remote shutter and connected the camera to the computer as to see the images better with focus and portrayal, (as I used my right hand within the video and my left to take photography with the shutter remote). -

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