Friday, 11 October 2013

Photoshop induction session - Animating through frame by frame

During the Photoshop induction, I learnt to use Photoshop to animate, using layers as frames. 
The whole process was actually easy after you learnt the basics and got into the routine of the way the animation would be step by step. 
I had already looked into the photoshop process of animation and learnt more on top of what I knew during the induction. For example I learnt the stages of bouncing a ball and the right moment to squash the ball as it collides with the ground. The ball needed less frames near the beginning of the animation, and more frames bunches together as it nears the ground, as to give the effect of the ball slowing down. 

I then looked into creating other animations, such as eating an apple, a pendulum in a grandfather clock with a mouse running alongside it, a character blinking and the start of a skipping/walk cycle.

So far the skipping cycle is far too fast and needs more frames with in the animation to make it slower. I also need to ensure that the person jumps up and land back down to walk off the frame, rather than jumping and staying at that height.

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