Sunday, 20 October 2013

Pixilation - ideas and storyboarding

I was given a study task to create a pixilation video that contained one of three ideas,
- Host/Parasite
- Predator/Prey
- Parent/Child

I first quickly generating ideas for my pixilation video by creating a mind map and then sketching thumbnail storyboard from this.

In my brainstorm, I jotted down a main idea and developed on top of this. I use my mind map as a basic points for the ideas to develop from, I prefer to develop the idea through quickly sketching the idea out and seeing how well it would flow. If it didn't flow well, then I would go back to the mind map and develop the idea more and then sketch the idea again.

Host - ghost possession

My Host/Parasite idea, held two characters, a human and a ghost. The ghost would possess the human character and do things which the ghost had missed, for example, eating, shopping, sleeping and having a normal day routine. The ghost then adapts to modern technology, sees something on the Internet that scares the ghost, and flees the body. possession

Child - Teddy bear comes life
My Parent/Child idea, held three characters, the child, mother and teddy bear which comes to life.
The main plot involves the child being sent to bed for not eating her vegetables and upon being upset, her teddy bear comes to life and plays with her.

Predator - Giant eats human
My Predator/Prey idea, held three characters, a human, a giant and another giant. The main story sees a character walking down the street when suddenly, a hand appears from the sky, picks the character up and eats them. Next the giant is walking down the street and is then eaten by a bigger giant... and the cycle continues...

I quite liked the Predator/Prey idea through how I could experiment the perspective of the shot with in the finalised video.

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