Saturday, 12 October 2013

Alice Madness Returns: cut scene animation

"Alice in Wonderland Madness Returns", a world depicted in a chaotic and violently twisted adapted tale of Lewis Carroll's Alice and Wonderland made into a game format for the PS3 and Xbox.
I loved this game through both the plot and the character design within the different worlds of Wonderland, however the cutscenes indicating the change from reality into wonderland are awe inspiring in a sense of composition and design.

The cut scenes in this game are animated with a paper cut out appeal with a beautiful dip pen, traditional illustrative style that fits the aged storyline as well as the victorian era in which it is set in.

The appeal of the animated shorts is not only the illustrative style but also the textures which are used with in the clothes and background that makes the media feel tactile. I also like this animation through how the characters movements are slightly jagged and not a smooth flow like a normal 2-D animated character, but follows the paper cut out appeal, as if the pivot points of the limbs are joined with drawing pins.

Even though the game is slightly gorey in parts, I would recommend it for the concept art of both the backgrounds and the characters with in the Wonderland world as it obtains a victorian style with an insane fantasy twist.

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