Sunday, 13 October 2013

Photoshop coloured Storyboard - animation edit

During the process of creating my storyboard, I considered the angles, direction and action with in the frame which would lead and flow into the next panel. I found this hard to keep different in the sense of the motion of each panel, I didnt want the panels to appear the same in both angle and zooming in sequence. As my storyboard considers the key points of the animation with in 12 panels, I had to imagine what action and movements would be inbetween the panel and lead nicely to the next. I did find this difficult to imagine with in the first storyboard but having the panels coloured actually helped me to visualise the sequence of movement between the characters better.
storyboard 1 - Introduction of characters and objective

storyboard 2 - Action

storyboard 3 - Jills end

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