Monday, 28 October 2013

Alex Grigg - Phantom Limb - Late Night Work Club

Late Night Work Club presents GHOST STORIES from Late Night Work Club on Vimeo.

Griggs animation, Phantom Limb, starts at 18:40.

Griggs animation short portrays a woman who has lost her arm and her partner who feels guilty for the loss of her arm. In this short we follow the man as he tries to cope with his guilt, which ends up engulfing him and causing him to drink and see her arm wherever he goes.
He comes back late one evening and realises that he can be there for her and act as her other arm.
The music used in the animation adds to the feeling of loss and dread that both of the characters are coping with at the same time. Matched with these aspects, the form of the digital based animation absorbs a traditional feel to it through the line and solid fill of the illustrations.

The animation runs slowly and is visually stunning through the art portrayal and the plot of the short.
In my opinion, I believe that Grigg has used digital and pose to pose animation through the movement of the characters and colour used in the short. The pose to pose animation would have been used for the movement of the characters and the transport used, the digital side being the application of colour and putting every frame together.

(Griggs part is shown at the start for 10 seconds. Animators were given a set of colours to work with and animate imagery of their favourite show on Cartoon Network.)

Grigg also animated a 10 second short in a collaboration with other animators for the company Cartoon Network. The task was to create a 10 second short of your favourite cartoon on CN and only use a certain set of colours. 

A detailed close up of Griggs part of the video collaboration

In my opinion, Griggs has created this short through the use of a program such as flash and merged that with a part traditional animation of pose to pose. These both work well together as flow smoothly into another and create a different dimension or plane in which the character travels through for a sword.

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