Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Flip book research

I researched more into the flip book animations as I was curious as to see what other artists and animators had created using this process. I found two examples of flip book animations, one which used photography and the other hand drawn with the use of a light box to aid drawing the same character again and again. 

Photography Flip book

- Summary of video -

Music video for the band winter gloves - let me drive, merges well with the lyrics and music of the band. was created by taking photography of the band and then printed out into a flip book format.

I thought that this flip book was quite clever through how the use of photography was of the band members alongside of the music that they had created for this music video. (The photographs have been coloured in as well which gives a illustrative style to the design).

Traditional drawn flip book

- Summary of video -

A flipbook animation by a youtuber etoilec1, in which depicts two anime characters from the programs Naruto and One Piece, fighting. This animation tears through 4 or 5 flipbooks, including colour with in the animation, which is dedication and painstakingly time consuming, not to mention the detail of the illustrations.

I felt that this animation worked well through how the character design ran smoothly and the illustrations fitted with the transition of the movement.

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