Sunday, 20 October 2013

Pixilation - Luminaris

Whilst researching into Pixilation, I found an animation called "Luminaris" by Juan Pablo Zaramella.
I love the composition of the piece, through both the era that it is set and the rich colours which intwine with the plot of the animation.

 - Summary of Video -
The video follows a mans routine of going to work, making lightbulbs, and everyday he takes a few of the glass materials and adds it to a jar at home, which is nearly full. We see that the men make lightbulbs by chewing glass and the women give light to the bulbs by blinking at the object. We then see the man fired from his job for being caught stealing the bulbs and his plan for these bulbs are ruined. We then find out that his partner at work wants to help him and they create this hot air balloon light bulb which takes them away into the night.
- End -

 In my opinion, the video holds a stylised 1950's and steampunk appeal to the animation, through the cg set design and the modelling used. The 1950's feel emits from the character design and the over exaggerated expressions. The movement of the characters was quite fluid and partly jagged however it worked well with the surroundings and the overall animation. (I felt the happy atmosphere and the jagged movement of the animation went hand in hand and gave it an aged edge to it)  It gave me inspiration through the lack of dialog and the dependence of the body language via expressions and movement.

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