Monday, 28 October 2013

Food - Jan Svankmajer 1992

Jan Svankmajers work is something to be inspired by through the composition of the animation, the plot and how smoothly the pixilation runs. I feel that the pixilation works well with these stories, as it would not be as funny and flow as well if the animation was made traditionally with cel animation, the use of people with in the animation makes the humour and the plot work.

Svankmajers work inspired me through how he used perspective and angles of his frames to his advantage to get the point of the action across to the audience.
The audience of this video would only be suitable for an older audience through the plot used and the more complicated storyline. For a younger audience, a simple story with bright colours is needed to attract the attention of the target market.

- Summary of plot -
This video shows 3 pixilation, animations that suit the theme of Breakfast, Lunch and Tea.

The first part of the video - Breakfast -
Shows a man walk into a room and sit down with another man, he sees that in order to get food, he has to follow a few instructions which is around the sleeping mans neck. The use of the humour merged with the animation well, especially with the model clay face as the man pulls out the other mans tongue to pay for the meal. I love how the plot forever continues through how the next person who comes to eats a meal becomes the next 'serving machine'.

The second part of the video - Lunch -
Two men sit down for a meal at a restaurant and try to get the attention of the waiter. One of the men decides that he can't wait any longer for food, and begins to eat the flowers on the table, in which the other man decides to follow in suit. In the end they begin to eat their clothes, the cutlery and the table, till the man decides to eat the other man.

The third part of the video - Tea -
It begins by showing a man adding different condiments to his food which we cant see yet however from the sounds of the condiments, it makes the audience feel as if the food is vile and disgusting.
It pans out to show him eating an arm, which I believe could have been his own arm, as his left arm is made of wood. It then shows other people eating other limbs, such as legs, boobs etc.
It had a funny approach to self cannibalism but also a suggestion of 'people will eat/try anything', I feel that this also relates to peoples self greed.

- End -

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