Monday, 28 October 2013

Photography induction

During the Photography sessions, we experimented with lighting within the studio and how we can add light to an image via reflector or introducing a softer/direct light.

Two shadows - needed to move light to create only one primary shadow

over exposed - too much light in image

under exposed - too little light
Almost perfect lighting - rich colour with a good shadow

This image is still too dark, however this lack of lighting would work with a tense atmosphere

Still slightly dark, however the reflection with in the clock face works well.

I desaturated the image and vignette via photoshop to bring attention to the clock face and its reflection.

We then looked into continuous shooting, which we merged with a slow shutter speed, that resulted with a multi exposure image, showing kinetic movement.

Multi Exposure - slow shutter speed

Multi Exposure - slow shutter speed

Using a primary strong source of light that flashes as soon as the shutter takes an image

I also learnt how to change Raw files ( as I was using a Canon SLR the files are called CR2) to Tiff files, which was a surprisingly easy process. In order to export Raw files to Tiff, open the file, set the levels to the correct format, and open this in Photoshop.

Double click on the file and set the levels and click open image

This opens the image in photoshop in which you can then save as the image.

As I am saving a Tiff image I needed to ensure that there was no image compression to avoid loss of pixels/data. 

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