Monday, 2 May 2016

Extended Production: Rough Animation Market Scene Part 1


Market Scene 1

+ Needed a bouncy run to work with the shape and size of the shoes in Cy's final turnaround design.
I found this quite difficult as I had never done a run cycle before so I used a lot of reference from my pinterest moodboard and inspiration from Richard William's The Animators Survival Kit, which helped considerably with consideration on the contact and pass of the run cycle. I found it easier to draw the run cycle with normal proportions and height, in comparison to Cy's, I would need to scale down the height of the run cycle and extend the legs slightly so that it would work for his character.

Market Scene 2 Thug Stumble

+ I wanted the Thugs entrance to be quite dramatic but funny at the same time. I wanted his belly to bounce as he skids to a holt, skipping as he tries to stop the momentum. I found this difficult at first as the timing was quite fast with the belly wobble, however introducing spaced out frames for the belly wobble in comparison to the main movement will easily solve this problem.

+ Additionally I need to add a delayed movement of the head and torso after the Thug stops moving, in order to emphasise the movement and make it run smoother. As the character designs haven't been completely finalised for this character, I quite like the idea of adding some hair or a patch of hair so that the secondary animation would work well with the movement of the head.

Market Scene 3 Thug GET BACK EREEEE

+ For this animation it was relatively simple with the Thugs movement as he is just angrily shaking his fist, I ended up drawing about 5 frames and looping them which worked quite well. I want to add a bit of secondary animation to his head, possibly a slight tilt of the head to make the arm movement seem less stiff due to the rest of his body not moving.

+ For Cy's movement in the scene, I found it incredibly difficult. It was hard trying to get the proportions of the legs and arms correct with the run being from behind as he runs into the distance. Using The Animators Survival Kit as inspiration I managed to make a smooth back run cycle, however there is one frame where the right leg is slightly longer, so it looks out of place compared to the rest of the frames. I can easily solve this when drawing the clean animation, by redrawing the proportions. In After Effects, I will scale down this run cycle so that it gives the illusion of Cy running further away from the thug.

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