Friday, 6 May 2016

Extended Editing: Using Premiere

Notes -

+ To compose the video with the voice files and score, I used Premiere to edit these elements together. Premiere was easy to use with being able to adjust the audio levels and to key frame an ease in and out of both the audio and visual.

+ Using the razor tool, I was able to easily cut out parts from both the video and audio file and fits these elements back together. I worked on top of the animatic, adding clean and rough animation as well as voice files over the top as the animation progressed. This way the audience could see a mix between the clean animation and the animatic, but still understand the storytelling.

+ Personally I found that working with both After Effects and Premiere was easier than only working in After Effects. I find it easier to compose the animation with lip sync and backgrounds in after effects to which I then import into Premiere to edit further. However to make the ending title sequence, I decided not to make this in Premiere as there are not that many options for animating text in comparison to After Effects. Even though there are the capabilities to achieve this in Premiere, using After Effects allowed me to add additional animation when needed with ease.

Premiere Workspace

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