Monday, 2 May 2016

Extended Production: Rough Animation Market Scene Part 4


Market Scene 8 - Kart crash

+ For this scene I wanted to show the aftermath of the crash with movements from the apples and wheels. The wheels would be animated in After Effects for the ease of the transform key frames. The movement of the apples and Merchant required more thought so they would have to be animated on Photoshop.

+  I wanted the scene to begin with a full medium shot of the Thug buried in the Kart's contents, the cause of the crash, before panning up into a long shot revealing the Merchant. I quickly animated this camera movement in Photoshop, which worked quite well however in the cleaner version of the animation, I want to animate the camera in After Effects to ensure that the movement and timing is smooth.

+ I found it quite easy to animate the Merchant as the movement was straight forward, through how he falls to his knees and is sad about his kart being ruined. I wanted to exaggerate this movement so I made the Merchant lean down more to the floor as he speaks. Using this body language works with the tone of the dialogue, adding to the atmosphere of the scene. 

Market Scene 9 - Run into the alleyway

+ The next scene cuts to a long shot of the crash with Cy running in the foreground. I wanted the actions to connect, so the audience could see what happened to both the Thug and Cy. I felt that making the background slightly blurred would make Cy's action run smoother and stand out more to the spectator. 

+ For this running sequence, I used the knowledge I had gained from the previous run cycles and turning animation, and attempted to animate this scene. This shot was surprisingly easy compared to my initial thoughts, the only difficulty was making the arm movements gain momentum near the end of the action. I felt that I succeeded with this timing quite well, I was really pleased with what I had accomplished. The only addition I would like to add to the sequence is to make Cy run on scene from the right hand side of the frame. I felt that this would be more successful as it would frame the crash in the background. 

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