Thursday, 5 May 2016

Extended Production: Rough and Clean Animation "Soooo you a geeeenie or something?"

For this scene I wanted to make the frame more interesting with the shot, adding more movement to both of the characters amongst the dialogue. As this scene used the same over the shoulder shot as a previous scene, I didn't want Dusks movement to be too complicated. It needed to be simple so that it didn't take the attention away from Cy's dialogue. I made Dusk hover in the same position to work with his movement in other scenes in the animation. In order to make the main action work more smoothly I added extra movement to his head and body. This worked successfully with the composition and Cy's movement.

For Cy's movement I added a subtle head tilt in which I timed with the dialogue "or something". I really liked this timing as it emphasised the movement and helped the following scene work more smoothly with both the audio and cut to the full close up of Dusk as he reacts to Cy's comment. I added extra secondary movement to his hair and parts of his clothing to add more emphasis to the scene. Cy's lip sync was quite successful. I matched the lip sync with the main mouth that Cy has for the animation, which made the lip sync seem more fluid and smooth. I quite liked how the ending mouth connected so well with changing back to the main mouth.

For the background, I wanted to make the scene more dramatic with the shadow so I added longer shadows which worked with the positioning of the lighting in the scene and well with other backgrounds that have been made so far for this environment.

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