Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Extended Design: Reviewing David's Storyboards

David asked me to quickly look through his storyboards in which he collaborated with Sophie, a third year illustration student. It was fun revising the storyboards, it was nice refining his work further creating something that was visually interesting for the spectator alongside the dialogue. I really enjoyed reviewing and debating about what the shot would look like with Sophie and David, there were so many ideas and it was nice picking out the best ideas and coming to a compromise with the group with what realistically could be animated.

I found that the main problem was the sheer amount of close ups that were in each board - this made quite a few of the scenes feel flat and uneventful with the fact that the audience couldn't see the space or/and even the characters did not have this awareness of space. This could be easily fixed with mixing up the shot with different angles and extreme shots, close and far. Alot of the scenes were the exact same, which one of the scenes it was perfect for the comedy but the rest needed something different to make the narrative more interesting for the audience. An example of this is within the scene where the main characters mother leaves the room by shutting the door, the main character trying to sleep. This shot was kept at a profile view, med shot throughout the sequence. I suggested having a long shot, with the main character in the foreground, rolling over towards the audience, with a long cast shadow of the mother as she closes the door over the main character. This worked really well as it broke up the previous shots. Sophie changed the angle slightly but the overcast shadow became a good way of interpreting the original narrative to enhance the progression of the scene.

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