Monday, 2 May 2016

Extended Production: Rough Animation Enclosure Scene


Gurgle! Scene

+ In this scene the main movement is the shadow, with subtle movement from Cy as he leans in closer to see what is happening. I found it quite difficult visualising how I wanted the shadow to move, whether I wanted the shadow to attack the whole frame and engulf it or have it move rapidly for a second, where Cy would move in closer to see what happened before cutting to the next scene of Dusks introduction.

+ I first tried the shadow disbanding outwards and eating most of the frame but I really didn't like the effect, it was too much, I wanted it to be more rapid and smaller. I tried another experiment with making the animation more rapid and it worked a lot more successfully as it aided the timing of Cy's movements as well. For the rapid movement it was about 4 key frames looped to get that jaggedness to the movement and abrupt stop.

Dusk's Yawn

+ For this close medium shot, I wanted to show Dusk continuing to stretch and yawn wider to help emphasise the timing of the score and voice acting. This animation was quite simple, so it didn't take me long to make this quick animation, however it took me abit longer to ensure that the yawn stretch was smooth and didn't jump. I had to delete a few frames as it started to seem jagged with the amount of frames I had added. 

Spyglass Smash

+ For this animation I found it quite difficult with what movement I wanted in the scene. I wanted to add Cy's feet turning abruptly as he drops the spyglass as if he has jumped back in shock. I attempted this with one of the feet but I wasn't sure, so I went straight to animating the smash of the spyglass to see what it would look like with the extra movement in the background, whether it would distract the audience from the main action in the scene. 

I really disliked the drop of the spyglass, the fall was too linear, which I had animated with the position tool rather than redrawing the spyglass again as it drops. In order to fix this I need to move both ends of the spyglass and make the thud of the spyglass more dramatic. I want to animate this scene from scratch as I really didn't like any of the animation. 

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