Monday, 2 May 2016

Extended Production: Rough Animation Alley Scene


+ The turning for this sequence was quite difficult at first as I had to determine where the alley wall would end, so that the movement would work with the turn. I decided to extend Cy's walk before turning, just incase the background needed a longer wall to work with the rest of the environment already seen in the animation. I felt that the walk into the scene was quite stiff, the arms don't bend enough so I need to correct this in the clean lineart, it need a follow through of action with the elbow in comparison to the shoulder.

+ The clean animation for the beginning walk, worked well however the only problem was the length of the arms. The length of the arms seemed to grow shorter and then longer again which I need to fix for the next test. I also wanted to make the hands move more after the position of the elbow to help emphasis the movement.

+ The actual turn was relatively easily, I did find it difficult with proportions again but the main action was quite easy to roughly animate. With the clean lineart I really liked the turn. It worked well with Cy's hair and facial features which made the turn smoother. I purposely added Cy leaning forward in excitement to give that awareness of space off screen to the shot. This will help the transition to the next scene run smoothly with the next frame showing what Cy has seen; I wanted to add more anticipation for the audience with what Cy has walked into.

Running into Alley

+ This scene was the hardest animation that I had done so far. I really love the above shot angle but trying to get the run sequence to work with the angle was very frustrating. I gained inspiration from my pinterest mood boards and The Animators Survival Kit, which helped a lot with the considerations of the contact and pass of the legs. It took me awhile to get the first few frames to work properly due to both the perspective and proportions. Once I had succeed with the main movement I noted that a few frames were too big for the environment so I would have to scale the running as it moved down out of the frame. I quickly achieved this in photoshop with the key position frames however I would rather use After Effects with the final clean and coloured animation to ensure that both the camera movement and scale of the run were correct. 

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