Thursday, 5 May 2016

Extended Production: Clean Animation "When you dropped the spyglass"

Before continuing to animate the turn, I wanted to test the colour and appearance of the characters against the background to ensure that the hues worked well together. I really liked the outcome so far, the detailed trees against the block colours of the characters worked really successfully. I personally thought that I would have to revise the backgrounds with the amount of detail but with the addition of peer review, the background with the animation worked well. My only problem was the colour of the sky behind them. It made Dusk blend into the background. I solved this problem by changing the colour of the sky to a gradient of a dark blue to bright yellow. With the contrast of the complementary colours, yellow and purple, Dusk stood out to the spectator well.

Once I had obtained the latest sound files from James, he changed parts of the dialogue which made Dusk sound more menacing, which I personally felt worked nicely with the character. However this meant that I had to animate these small sections in photoshop. I wanted Dusks menacing parts to show him angry, his eyes glowing red and his mouth tearing open. This was alot of fun to animate but it took awhile to get the timing right with the prolonged 'Hunnndredddd Yeeeeearrrsss". After a few tests in After Effects I obtained the correct timing and could continue the lip sync.

I really like the final outcome of this scene, the aesthetic works successfully and the movement, even though subtle works with the secondary animation. I am glad that I added secondary animation to the characters as it helps to emphasise the movement, it makes it more dramatic and smoother. I noticed that some of the colour in the latest render of this completed scene is lost near the end of the video, I will correct this in the original file before adding it to the rest of the animation.

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