Thursday, 5 May 2016

Extended Marketing: DVD Cover and Booklet

With the skills that I had learnt from Food Module, second year extended project, I was able to quickly create a template for the DVD cover. For the DVD cover I wanted the design to incorporate both the main characters, background, and screenshots from the animation.

For the design of the front cover, I used a screenshot from one of the animation sequences. I really liked the pose as it was strong with both the appearance and the line of action. It took me awhile to decide on a font for the design. I knew that the font had to be serif to match the style of the animation. If I used a san-serif font, it would be too soft and wouldn't work as successfully. I finally decided on a free front "Knights Quest" which worked beautifully with the composition; the pointed serif works with both the theme and aesthetic animation.

The blurb needed to be short and sweet, so I limited myself to as little words as possible. Once I had wrote the blurb, I immediately realised that the text needed something to make it stand out from the dark background. I decided to draw ripped parchment for the the text to rest upon. This worked successfully as it linked well to the main alley way background.

I wanted the DVD booklet to be a condensed version of the Art Book with added screenshots from the animation. In addition I added examples of backgrounds and storyboards, alongside the character designs and premise of the animation, which I used for the DVD blurb. With the booklet being landscape it made the process difficult with the measurements and preparing the file for printing. I made the booklet slightly more bigger than A6, which worked when I printed out a prototype.

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