Monday, 2 May 2016

Extended Production: Rough Animation Market Scene Part 3


Market Scene 5 - The Jump

+ For this sequence in the animation, I used the reference that Perry created for the scene, playing the frames alongside my animation document, so that I could get an idea for both proportion and movement. To make the animation run smoother I deleted a few frames, which made it work with the previous animation scenes that I had completed so far. I felt that the run towards the camera held a rotoscoped approach to the movement however I know that this will be easily fixed once the clean lineart is applied to the key frames. Having the secondary animation incorporated into the clean lines will make the whole scene seem smoother. I also want to make the bag swing more to the side and have a delayed movement, moving to the other side after the main character has moved his arms. I believe that this will make the action more dramatic and hold a nicer charm to the animation. 

+ The main jump of the animation is framed within a profile long shot that shows all of the character as he propels himself over the kart. At first this part of the sequence was quite daunting as drawing the profile of the character is difficult, I find that I loose that sense of depth with my profile drawings, so I would need to add more shading and possibly turn his head slightly before he jumps to bring back this approach. I really liked the jump as it worked successfully, there were only a few frames that needed altering again with the proportions of the limbs and the size of the back, the head needed to be seen more in the frames; using the reference that Perry gave me was difficult at times with the top that he was wearing, as it covered parts of the limbs and neck. I had to guess with a lot of the proportions. This can easily be fixed with the addition of the clean lines and inclusion of colour.

+ For the landing of the animation, I wanted the movement to be quite short, with the camera panning and the background moving as well. These elements, the camera and background needed to be animated in After Effects so I could use the offset effect to repeat the background correctly with the direction of the camera. I felt that the landing was too fast, I needed to make the initial frame, where the feet hit the floor to last longer, adding more anticipation and squash and stretch to the animation. Adding these to the movement will help make the action feel more dramatic and emphasised. 

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