Friday, 6 May 2016

Extended Practice: Final Outcome

I am really pleased with my final product, the animation scenes that I have completed so far have turned out to be better than I had originally intended through both the movement of the characters as well as the mix of the character design and backgrounds. With the animation being mixed with rough and parts of the storyboards, it shows a nice transition between the stages of work; it gives a behind the scenes appeal, a look into the stages of work.

I quite liked the subtle movement in my ending credits. I wanted the ending credits to be simple yet effective, so with the slight movement of the clouds and the grass, I felt that this worked well with the fading in and out text. I kept the theme of the font through out the credits and into my Art Book and DVD cover/booklet, I really liked how these elements all linked through the font. Additionally I purposely made the environment change to day in comparison to the rest of the animation, so that it made it seem as if it continued to the next day, or just a scene change. I really liked the day change as it made the composition stand out nicely to the audience.

I really enjoyed storyboarding this animation, with the reference from Perry Flowers for the main jump scene, it was fun to think of the direction of the camera and how I could emphasise this further with a power angle and/or awareness of space. I had intended for my animation to be storyboard driven. I was so fascinated with fact that I could do this for this project that I eagerly began to storyboard the animation, and forgot that I would have to create a script anyway to send to my voice actor. If it was not for the fact that I knew I would have a few drafts of the storyboard, I would have sent him just the storyboard. Making a script was challenging but it was definitely needed in my animation process.

Making this animation by myself has given me insight into the other skills that I have across the animation discipline, not just storyboarding and character design. I loved creating the rough animation, it was nice just to draw what I thought would work at first and then develop it further with reference before adding the clean lineart and secondary animation. I loved adding the subtle movement as the main action occurs and the colour, as well as the addition of backgrounds. I feel like this is something that I can continue in PPP3 and discuss further with animation studios. I have really enjoyed this project throughout all of the production stages.

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