Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Extended Production: Rough and Clean Animation - Part 1

For Cy's reaction to Dusk's comment "A HUUUMANNN" I wanted to add movement to his posture, with the addition of secondary movement of his hair and clothing. I wanted to focus on his facial features as well purely for how much I love to emphasise this aspect in all of my work. For this slight movement, I wanted to show Cy move his head down in a sulk, I needed to plan this subtle movement out in rough animation before I could go straight into the clean animation. I discovered that the main animation only needed 3 frames, I originally had 7 frames but it ran smoother with 3 frames. I thought that the movement would need more inbetweens however I liked the movement as it was, I wanted an abrupt end to the movement to work with the mood change with the character.

Adding secondary movement to the animation is my favourite part of animating, this small movements make the character feel more alive and it helps to make the main movement stand out more to the spectator. I added subtle movement to Cy's hair and clothing, as well as adding blinking animation so that he didn't look as if he was just staring into the distance. I am really happy with the end result, the lip sync was quite easy with the aid of the phoneme library that I made before the production stage of the project.

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