Thursday, 5 May 2016

Extended Practice: Art Book progress so far

For the cover of my Art Book, I used the same elements from both the DVD cover and DVD booklet so that they all linked. I did however change the background to the low angle perspective shot used in the "Enter the Shadow" scene. This background worked well as, the center of the image, the yellow part of the sky, made Dusk and subsequently Cy, stand out the audience; with the text on the page being the second element that you see when you look at the page. I also quite liked the look of this background on the cover as the shading created a nice oval like vignette to the composition.

I slightly altered the structure of the pages compared to the last version, mainly the length of the lines and the use of fonts. I used the same font as the front cover, but changed the colour depending on the subject of the page, with an added black stroke to make the title of the page stand out more to the spectator. I used the same font for the title of the animation, with the addition of a different font, a type writer inspired serif, for the second font. I wanted another font to use as the Art Book would include contextual text for some of the pages, and for the aesthetic appeal, having two fonts can help the style of the pages layout. This worked quite successfully in the note section of the pages, as I used both of the fonts, the main font, 'Knights Quest' being a quote, and the Typewriter esk font being the main body.

I am really happy with the progress so far, I still need to refine the structure for the background and storyboard pages, but I am pleased with the character pages. I like the layout and the addition of text, which brings more insight into the project.

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