Thursday, 5 May 2016

Extended Production: Rough and Clean Animation - Part 2

These animations didn't really require rough animation to make as they were pretty straight forward with the movement and only needed to duplicate frames from the clean lines.

For the "Enter the Shadow" scene I changed the original shot from the storyboard to a more dramatic angle. Changing the shot to a low tilted angle worked successfully in comparison to the original framing. The composition of the frame took advantage of the primary planes, the foreground being Cy, the middle ground being Dusk and the background giving the piece more depth through the positioning the trees. I wanted to make the spectator part of the scene with the over the shoulder shot, giving a bigger depth of the awareness of space for both the audience and the characters. 

I only needed three frames for Cy's movement, the secondary movement needed to be quite quick and end abruptly with Dusk's movement. Dusk's movement was only a very simple morph, from a blob to him stretching before cutting to the next scene. I did struggle with the yawn movements, as it was difficult with the inbetweens of the yawn mouth movements. I managed to solve this problem by deleting inbetweens, my main cause for the yawn movement from looking jagged was the amount of frames I had drawn.

I was quite happy with the colouring of the scene and the perspective of the background. I felt that it worked well with the tilted camera angle, which worked with the main action of the animation. 

For the next test "What do you mean being stuck with me?", I changed the shot from the original storyboarded version. With the previous scene using a low angle tilted shot, I wanted to change this scene to a full close up to give more variation to the shots. The original scene was a low angle shot, with the lip sync, so I decided to dramatically change the shot to a full close up to work more smoothly with the previous scene. 

This scene depended more on the lip sync rather than the action of the characters. To make the scene more interesting I tilted Cy's head, with secondary animation to make the movement smoother; this only required me moving his head, which I used the transformation tool to rotate the head in the correct position. Using After Effects to create the lip sync made the process easier. I kept the main mouth on the animation as the rest mouth, which worked successfully with the atmosphere and tone of voice. I hid the mouth by using a mask and placing the mouths on top of this layer. 

I wanted to make this full close up shot quite detailed with the shading on Cy, so I added a slight 'Rembrandt lighting' with the 3/4 pose. I felt that this worked well as it aided the aesthetic. Additionally I blurred Dusk in the foreground so that Cy would stand out to the spectator. 

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