Saturday, 30 January 2016

Extended Research: Dofus - Book 1

I recently researched into Cartoon Movie, a pitching event where animation projects from around the world have a chance to pitch to potential buyers. Whilst researching this further in PPP, I discovered an animation that was greenlight at the event, Dofus - Book 1. I was captivated by the character and background design, it looked stunning with the 2D painted backgrounds and the adorable main character. The plot line had everything that I loved, adventure, magic and fighting. I cannot wait for this animation to be released later on in 2016.

From the animation in the teaser trailer, the animation works really well, its stunning with the style and movement of the characters; taking advantage of squash and stretch for the main character. Compared to the animation in a previous project the team Ankama created, Wafku, the animation fits nicely into the backgrounds. I found that with Wafku, the animation was too much like the game that it was based on, it obtained too much gradients and stiff movements so it stood out alot from the environment. However in later episodes the animation becomes nicer and the actions follow through smoothly. The comedy becomes fantastic as more characters are introduced.

I am heavily inspired with the whole aesthetic that Anakama use in their work, you can clearly see how much time and effort was put into designing and the story, which makes me love it even more.

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